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4 rating

Boyfriend loves this place. You get a massage and hot towel too.

1 rating

The wait was crazy, lady was rushing about talking about well if I?m going to have to stay late... we signed in around 2:30/3, told the wait was 85 mins, and was pulled around 5:45 (we left and came back so it was ok, but still I figured he?d be up by the time we got back but no.) so the lady basically is in a crap mood and rushing, no social cares in the world about my son who has been growing his hair out and planning this day and at this place for soo long (he?s 9 and random).... he shows her a picture of what he was wanting and she was so rude saying multiple things like: I mean I can?t even see the other side like what does it even look like? What am I supposed to do I can?t see the other side of his head like...? I then introject and try to help him explain, and she said so he wants a bowl cut (in the ugliest rudest voice I?ve ever seen a grown woman speak to another woman and child)- look at this picture i mean a bowl cut? Really? But anyway, my son is so excited and we continue, I say he wants the sides short but to keep his length on top. She has him sit and starts shaving him looks at me and says- this is shorter than the one in the picture. As she?s already took off 6-7 inches and 3 strokes... ayden is trying to hold it together, she gets to the top... he tells her I want it to still have this point, angle, she says ok and cuts it off past the place he had asked.... so I?m guessing she just decided to give him whatever haircut she wanted while ayden is trying to tell her no. Finally he just says I shouldn?t have came she didn?t listen or look at my picture... and while this sounds rude for a child it was actually extremely spot on and he wasn?t being rude he was soooooooo sad. Then the other stylist says ?well at least people won?t think your a girl anymore or mistake you for one.? Also this stylist was talking about so many inappropriate topics like there wasn?t a nine year old sitting next to her... idk I was dumbfounded the entire time but I mean what can you do really at this point we?re just bearing through So that?s the service, the wait, the pleasantness, the atmosphere, here?s what he wanted, here is what he got. I mean it looks ok for that haircut but like why did she just do whatever she wanted while he asked and tried to get her to do what he wanted the entire time? Sucks. He has been waiting for this for so long I felt awful.

5 rating

Very nice place

Rated 3.6 out of 5.0 based on 16 Client reviews

CJ C. | May 2, 2019 Google

"Boyfriend loves this place. You get a massage and hot towel too."

Brittany H. | April 19, 2019 Facebook

"The wait was crazy, lady was rushing about talking about well if I?m going to have to stay late... w"

Casey C. | April 7, 2019 Google

"Very nice place"

Steve B. | March 1, 2019 Google

"Good cut plus a Veteran discount"

tyler J. | February 26, 2019 Google

"Very relaxed places to get your haircut. Good deals also."

John R. | February 24, 2019 Google

"Mac and cheese was not good,. Pasta sauce was not good. Service was good."

Kari A. | February 24, 2019 Google

"Friendly environment"

Matt M. | February 16, 2019 Facebook

"Went the first time and nailed it. Fo-hawk hair cut. Went back 2 weeks later to get the same with li"

Cindy R. | February 8, 2019 Facebook

"Awesome point cut by Britney D.!! Cool place!"

Drew B. | January 28, 2019 Google

"Delightfully odd. Excellent sandwichs, well thought out beer selection, and generally just a really "